Meet Dr. Thomas Gebeck Accredited Orthodontist in Birmingham Michigan


Dr. Thomas R. Gebeck Jr. - D.D,S, M.S.


"I became an orthodontist because I wanted to have a career where I could positively influence people's lives. This is why, in this practice, we treat 'faces first,' considering our patients' facial structure and overall appearance in addition to their teeth. Just like when I first started practicing in 1995, every day is different, because every person's situation is unique. For this reason, and to make sure your child gets the best possible treatment end results, I constantly evaluate and reevaluate my approach and treatment.

I take great pride in helping to improve people's oral function, appearance and, ultimately, self-esteem. It is an honor and pleasure to watch their confidence grow and see their personalities flourish as a result of the career I've provided. I'm able to see the positive change. And It starts with getting to know them (whether they are children or adults), listening to their concerns and answering their questions. It's important to me that every person I see is treated as an individual, regards their experience here as being positive and completes his or her orthodontic treatment with a wonderful, healthy and confident smile."

When Dr. Gebeck isn't creating straighter, more confident smiles, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three young children. Dr. Gebeck also believes in giving back to the community and is very involved in raising funds for the American Cancer Society and assisting those with little access to dental care.